By default in Sitecore , there is no auto focus enabled for role manager search box. There are 2 ways to enable it.

  1. By changing the file <<website>>\sitecore\shell\Applications\Security\RoleManager\RoleManager.aspx
  2. By changing the content at /sitecore/layout/Layouts/Security/Role Manager ( use Core db)

In RoleManger.aspx page , there is an attribute to enable to autofocus property in Searchbox. Change the property as shown in the below


Note # There are other properties where you can change the value based on the need.

Switch Sitecore db to CORE and navigate to the below Sitecore item

Sitecore ItemId : {AF5B565D-E20B-467C-A469-B8BDFDB3B5DC}

Sitecore item path : /sitecore/layout/Layouts/Security/Role Manager

Note# My suggestion is not to change property directly from Sitecore. Follow the Step # 1

After changing the property value

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